Tree Planting

2014-10-07 11.40.49The majority of a tree company’s daily activities is based around general tree management such as pruning to reduce current or future hazard or conflict. Trees also have to be removed as a result of natural decline, structural or physiological defects which may result in remedial surgery or requiring felling on health and safety grounds.

We can source supply and plant trees from a single garden specimen to large scale planting schemes. We are experienced in providing a full tree planting service, from point of designing planting schemes and layouts  in CAD (computer aided design) to providing full written specifications and method statements to guide planting schemes from point of conception to final post planting management whether it is for a single garden tree to large scale plantings schemes from supermarkets to country estates.

Trees can also be affected by direct damage, such as root severance caused by poorly implemented development or construction activities. Although more trees are commonly removed as a direct result of a property owners dislike of a tree, due to such issues as sticky residues under the canopies, annual leaf shedding blocking gutters or causing a general lack of light or future growth potential.

As a company we regularly deal with such issues and therefore try to offer best advice on how tree related issues can be reduced by specifying more suitable tree species relevant to the available planting constraints on site.