Ravencroft Tree Services have over the past 23 years gained a high reputation for being able to plan, implement and deliver from small one off projects to high value contracts working for both private and commercial clients. From initial project concept through to delivering the end product, our staff consisting of climbing arborists and arboricultural consultants have obtained a vast wealth of knowledge.  Headed up by Richard Ravencroft (BSc Hons Arb, M Arbor A, MICFor, ISA Cert Arb) who’s initial background was in various horticultural and landscape disciplines prior to diversifying into arboriculture in 1992, provides the backbone of the company enabling us to deliver an accumulated array of tasks on time and within budget.  We’ve carried out a number of special projects several of which provide an insight as to what services our company can offer and undertake.
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Air Hotel

Ravencroft Arboricultural services were appointed in 2012 to provide services to support the temporary placement of Air Hotel structures. The Lotus as seen here was one of seven wacky accommodation pods suspended between trees within a mature woodland setting. The structures belong to Time Circus from Belgium. The EDP reported the event as an "unique performance, cum- bed and breakfast". The structures were put in place to offer temporary overnight experience sleeping within the woodlands, set within the grounds of Holt Hall. The event was run in association with the Norfolk & Norwich Art Festival.


Ravencroft Tree Services  have in past years been associated with providing tree risk and hazard assessments on behalf of Bewilderwood to ensure risk of tree related failures fall within tolerable levels as set by current HSE (Health & Safety Executive) guidance.

Bluebells at Madingly, Cambridge

Ravencroft Tree Services were appointed back in December 2011 to undertake pre - development lifting and relocation of a specified area of  established Bluebell wood at the American Battle Monument Madingly, Cambridgeshire to assist with the construction of a new visitors center. Our brief was to lift the bulb enriched turf  from around existing tree roots prior to the later removal of the trees to assist the development aims. The turfs were lifted and relocated to a location at the edge of the development area which we had previously prepared. Once the turfs were laid the area was fenced off to allow the turfs to root and re establish within thier new location, thus mitigating the impact of the development.

Ice House, Kettringham Hall Grade II Listed Building

Ravencroft Tree Services Ltd were instructed back in August 2012 to undertake vegetation clearance around the old Ice House within the former grounds of Kettringham Hall  to assist the staged restoration of the building

kettringhamhall.co.uk states the following,

This ice house is a fine piece of Victorian architecture in a mixture of brick and stone being created by the Boileau family in the mid 19th century. As you enter down the brick corridor you can see etched into the bricks the marks made by the staff to count the loads of ice gathered from the nearby lake in the winter which were then dropped into the cavernous egg shaped interior buried partly underground and then, where it protruded above ground, the brickwork was insulated with soil piled on top forming an artificial mound clearly visible to this day.

The restoration has not been without its problems one of them being bats which had been found to roost in it and have had to be provided for with protruding brick perches to hang from and a specially designed door to allow them to enter and exit the building at night.

However the end is in sight after many months of planning and grant acquisition - coupled with weeks of work to achieve the result you can see in the picture.

follow above link for more information and location.

Roman Timbers

Ravencroft Tree Services were appointed to attend an archaeological dig to ascertain the age of timber (suspected to be of Roman origin) uncovered at a depth of around 1 metre below existing ground level. The challenge for us was that we had never been requested to section such old timber within the ground and therefore did not know how hard or difficult the task may be. After a drive across various county boundaries we were soon faced with a challenge more suited to a duck!  After some frantic pumping, the waters at last receded and we were able to proceed with our appointed works.  Our brief was to cut out several sections of timber from various areas across the dig which would then be sent off for dendrology dating, hopefully providing the archaeologist with the evidence as to when the structure was constructed. At the time that this web page was constructed we were still awaiting the results of the dendrology testing to ascertain the age of the timbers. We shall up date this as soon as the results have been released.

Specialist Hedge Planting

We can undertake the supply and planting of various hedging species, from single plants to larger specimens. Where a more urgent requirement for privacy is required we can also supply and plant instant hedging.

Thoresby College

Judas Tree, Cercis sillquastrum. This magnificent specimen stands within the court yard of Thoresby college, which is owned by the Kings Lynn preservation society. Unfortunately the tree was at risk of collapse due to inherent weak stem unions and heavy crown weight supported on three structurally compromised stems.  Do to the presence of internal stem decay, further compromised by the trees weak inherent structure, we specified some light remedial crown reduction works to lessen the stem and crown weight, we then designed, built and installed a set of steel supports to prop the stems, to provide support to the limbs to reduce the risk of their failure. The tree continues to be monitored to support its retention for further years. It is likely that further remedial pruning and re adjustment of the props may be needed from time to time.

Tree felling at Madingly, Cambridge
  • Pre development site clearance of selected number of woodland trees was required to meet the development aims.
  • To reduce impact to the remaining woodland to facilitate timber extraction, we employed the services of a Belgium Ardennes horse who’s immense power made short work of timber extraction with minimal impact through sensitive areas of the site.
  • Prior to the commencement of tree felling an ecologist appointed by Ravencroft Arboricultural Services carried out detailed inspection of the trees which were to be felled to ensure there was no conflict with European Protect Speciess bats being of particular interest.
  • The felling was undertaken during a period of extremely low temperatures and regular snow fall which lasted for the duration of works, although this resulted in difficult ground conditions our team manged to keep works on schedule.
  • High felling in progress, the stumps being felled high as per the works specification to assist their latter pulling by machine during ground works operations.
  • Liquid amber’s at Madingly memorial during Autumn
  • Photo confirms presence of internal decay , the reason why this mature roadside beech had to be felled as part of the project.

When Trees Fail

Failure of a roadside ash tree resulted in a car being unable to avoid collision with the fallen tree, the two occupants were fortunate not to sustain serious injury as a result of this significant impact between car and falling tree.  Regular inspection of trees in areas of public use and access can help to reduce the likelihood of such failures occurring.

Trees are however living dynamic organisms, those physiological and structural condition can be influenced by many factors, such as various growth patterns, loss of structural integrity (decay) or as a result of freak weather patterns.  If you are concerned about the condition of your trees Ravencroft would be pleased to advise you further.