Mortgage Reports & Subsidence Risk Assessments

We undertake Homebuyer mortgage surveys that assess whether the property has the potential to be detrimentally affected by adjacent trees. This is often undertaken at the request of mortgage lenders or insurers for the purposes of informing their decision on providing their services by quantifing their exposure to financial losses.

Our preliminary level report assesses the possible effects that trees (whether within the site or on neighbouring properties) are likely to have on the structural integrity of the property and its associated light structures (i.e., garden walls, outbuilding and patios). There is also an assessment of any likely hazards that may have the potential to cause harm to users of the property or damage to their possessions.

If a more detailed analysis of the indirect effect of trees upon the soil volume is needed, we are able to provide structural engineers with the appropriate level of arboricultural information for them to undertake subsidence or heave risk assessments in accordance with NHBC 4.2.


Oak tree in very close proximity to property, possible tree related conflict with building fabric, drains or founadtions


Lombardy poplar trees planted in an inappropriate position between two residential properties. Root incursion into drains and driveway resulted in the trees being removed to abate the nuisance.


Mature Monterey cypress at risk of causing direct damage to adjacent property as a result of roots entering damaged or old drains, whilst deadwood and over extended branches in the upper crown were at risk of failure. Needles drop also caused concern over blocked drains.