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Wild Parakeet (photo taken in Brussels Park ) nesting in tree cavity

In partnership with Torc Ecology we are able to undertake a range of aerial inspections for bats and nesting birds as part of any scheduled tree work, development or other environment disturbance. In accordance with a site specific risk assessment and detailed method statement, our experienced climbers make initial ascent of the subject trees by MEWP (Mobile elevated works platform) or rope & harness to facilitate subsequent inspection by a qualified ecologist if indications of habitat potential are identified.

  • Environmental / Wildlife Habitat Impact Studies
  • Tree Climbed Bat Investigations
  • Vetranisation of trees to enhance wildlife habitat value.
  • Conservation dead wooding techniques.
  • Veteran tree management

We are also able to assist with implementing any mitigation measures that are proposed – these may take the form of attaching bat or bird boxes or creating habitat features within the trees themselves using vetranisation techniques.

The following photographs show some of the significant decay related fungi in relation to deciduous and coniferous trees.  Photos are for guidance only and therefore must not be seen as an exhaustive guide, their presence should be assessed by a qualified arborist.