Terms and Conditions

Limitations for Consultancy reports & plans
  • All tree survey data was undertaken from ground level without detailed individual or physical examination. 
  • Subsequently all arboricultural data collection and assessment of the trees within, or adjacent, to the site was undertaken by the stated author, arboriculturalist on behalf of Ravencroft Arboricultural Services, during  the site visit/s dated as shown.
  • All trees over 75mm diameter (measured at 1.5m from adjacent ground level) within the site and those located within 12 times their stem diameter of the site boundary were surveyed as per section of BS 5837:2012. Tree positions were located by reference to the topographical survey and confirmed by either GPS or triangulation measurements. Where access and visibility were restricted, details are recorded in the survey schedule. 
  • Whilst hazards are considered insofar as they impact on the longevity of trees and the appropriateness of retention, the survey does not constitute a risk assessment and should not be used as such. Furthermore, trees are dynamic living organisms whose condition can change rapidly or which can be subject to damage by extreme weather conditions. Tree inspection details and recommendations can only be assumed to be accurate for one year from the date of inspection. They are necessarily invalid if development, construction or tree works other than those recommended herein are undertaken upon or in proximity of the subject trees.
  • This assessment is confidential to the client for the purposes of the brief and no liability is accepted to any other parties. Beyond the remit of the brief, (which is expected to include planning submission) and notwithstanding section 47 of the Copyright & Patents Act 1988, it is not to be disclosed to other parties without the written consent of Ravencroft Arboricultural Services. 
  • All conclusions and recommendations of the assessment are necessarily the product of author’s experience and qualified opinion. Ravencroft Arboricultural Services are not responsible for the related accuracy of any third party information. 
  • Where a soil assessment (including soil plasticity indices) is absent from the received documentation, no specific assessment of the influence of trees in relation to soil volume change as per NHBC standards chapter 4.2 or section 4.3 of BS 5837:2012 can be undertaken.
  • Schedule Key 2019